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RE: NFC: RE: crayfish tank

I don't know about all the species of crayfish :)  But, I'd imagine those
you describe would either have a second entrance to the water, or migrate
out (crayfish - Procambarus clarki) which they do regularly from pond to
pond.  The babies are hatched in the hole, and allowed to mature... then
they come out.  So, a female would not necessarily go in the hole until the
eggs are ready to hatch.

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<<  The lay their eggs when the season is dry and the water levels lower,
 they burrow into the bank / bottom, and lay eggs.  The eggs hatch in the
 hole (with water in it) and the babies come out when the water rises...
 (standard formula for raising them is draining pond to low levels for
 production.)  >>

It was a few decades ago, but I caught crayfish with masses of eggs under
their tail. Is what you describe different or did I just catch them prior to
them entering their hole?

Does the water have to rise to the level of the hole entrance? If so, do
have different holes for breeding?  Or is this dependent on the species of

The reason I ask this is that my parents live on high ground above a small
stream.  The high ground has large numbers of crayfish hole entrances.  The
ground is too high to flood though the soil is poor enough a heavy rain may
build up in the clay and raise the water level temporarily.

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