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Re: NFC: crayfish tank

In a message dated 4/1/00 3:54:28 PM US Central Standard Time, 
Wiegerj at paul_paulsmiths.edu writes:

<< Females with eggs are fun!  Especially when you see the little baby
 crawdads crawling free from her tail.  DO NOT PUT ANY OTHER CRAWDADS IN
 HERE WHILE SHE HAS EGGS.  SHe will be killed.  Remove her when the
 little ones start moving around, and watch them grow.  It truly is a fun
 experience.   >>

I'm kind of thinking this way now.  Get lots of slate (your idea) for the 
babies to hide and put a light on the tank.  Any special food requirements 
for the babies?  Anyone know what time of the year crayfish start carrying 
eggs here in central Indiana?  Or how big they need to be?

Thanks Josh.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA