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NFC: OnLine Auction Update...

Hi everyone.... Here are the current high bids for the Auction...
Item 1  Atlas of Garden Ponds Book ----  No Bids 
            A very NICE book, folks !!!
Item 2  Autographed Peterson's Field Guide ---- $35.00
            Jim Capelle
Item 3  Red Sea Fish Pharm Reef Supplements ---  No Bids
             This package is half priced !!!!!
            Are there no Saltwater enthusiasts here?
Item 4  Same as Item 3              NO BIDS 
Item 5  Boyd Enterprises Saltwater Additives for
             Hard & Soft Corals                       -------- No Bids
Item 6  CorkScrew Val and Sword Plants    ------  No Bids
             Nice Plants.. I have way too many !!
Item 7  2 Lb. Package of RedWorms from Kazarie  -- $20.00
             Luke McClurg
Item 8  NFC Polo Shirt                      -----   $20.00
             Sajjad Lateef 
Item 9  NFC Polo Shirt                      -----   $15.00
             Gary Rollwage

Ok. folks, that is what has been bid so far on this Auction.....
This Auction closes March 31st,2000 CST so everyone get busy 
and bid !!!!  This Saltwater stuff is a bargain and the plants are 
very nice specimens... BID BID BID !!!!  
IT IS FOR A GOOD CAUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all 
Charles Anderton
Auction Adminstrator