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NFC: RE: fish auctions (was pond help needed)


As far as I know the auction was a local fish club auction

However a commercial source for Ameca splendens, - Butterfly Goodied try:

Jim Atchison's High Prairie Farms
781 Del Ganado Road
(415) 472-7294 ext. 225
415-472-7971 facsimile 
Web-site http://www.atchison.com/highprairiefarms.html

then go to the "Other Fishes" on the left hand side of the web page
when you get to the other fish list you will find "Ameca splendens,
Butterfly Goodied"

You can also try  rec.aquaria.marketplace where...you can buy it, sell it,
trade it.  

Some times they have some interesting stuff

Hope these help


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	One of the messages in the thread you sent was from last year and it
	mentioned buying Ameca splendins via auction.  It sounded like an
	auction.  Do you (or does anyone) have an idea where this is?

	Alternately, does anyone know of a source of Ameca splendins or
	interesting liverbearers?

	The fish stores in my city will only carry standard, boring fish and
	NOT special order anything.  Might lead to dancin'.

	Geoff Kimber
	Tucson, Az