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Re: NFC: RE: pond help needed

Sounds like the same thing I had last summer in my pond.  I have cleaned out
the pond and repotted the water lilies  I plan to have more circulation and
more fish I hope that this will help.  I have two sections to my pond I had
tried to keep this section more still so that water lilies would bloom.  I
live in New jersey other than Goldfish what other fish can I put in a small
pond about 160 Gal.'s?

Blendia Nawrocki
nawrocki at nac_net
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>To: "'nfc at actwin_com'" <nfc at actwin_com>
>Subject: NFC: RE: pond help needed
>Date: Sat, Mar 25, 2000, 5:45 PM

> Chuck
> Sounds more like Hair Algae than Java Moss
> Gay
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>  Subject: NFC: pond help needed
>  Last summer, I put some new aquarium plants directly in to my pond.
>  Apparently, what appears to be Java moss was on something, and it
> has taken
>  over.  It covers everything.  Last summer I was taking it out by the
>  bucketful and a few days later it would be back.  I figured the
> winter cold
>  would take care of it, but it didn't.
>  Also, since I gave some hardy Lilly starts to friends, now their
> ponds are
>  also infested with it.  Any help appreciated.
>  Chuck Church
>  Indianapolis, Indiana USA