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NFC: Fw: FishHoo! - Have I got a job for You!

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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 09:49:05 -0500
Subject: FishHoo! - Have I got a job for You!
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Good day to you and yours from the FishHoo! staff (that’s me).

An excellent opportunity came across my desk yesterday that I thought I
would pass on. I received an e from Christine Waters of eHobbies.com. The
subject of her mail was “wow- what a great site” so she can’t be all bad.
It seems they are expanding the activities covered by their site to
include fishing and need a buyer to procure fishing equipment.

Here’s what she had to say about the job. 
We are looking for a buyer who can maximize sales and gross margin for
the fishing category. This includes finding and acquiring a wide variety
of products to satisfy our many enthusiasts (beginning to advanced in
skill), working with manufacturers and distributors to research new
opportunities/products, facilitate returns with our Customer Service &
Auctions departments, and creating purchase orders/managing SKUs. Also,
this position is responsible for providing product sheets for each SKU so
that our Editorial departments can write great things & post to our
website to interest & inform our customers.

We would like to see someone who has experience in the fishing industry -
someone who is passionate - yet can provide extensive customer service
and be a resource for the manufacturers and distributors. Knowledge of
specific products within the fishing industry is a major plus.

An over view of our benefits - 3 wks of vacation (that's a lot of
fishing), 2 wks of sick days and 12 holidays, a catered lunch everyday
and very generous health/dental/vision coverage.

So, that is an brief description - we are really flexible on the salary -
but we also offer stock options (we are a pre-IPO company).
eHobbies is located in Santa Monica, CA. So if you are located in that
area or have a burning passion to relocate to the left coast, you may
want to check it out. Christine’s address is cwaters at eHobbies_com or you
can fax her at 310-315-4788.

This sounds like a dream job to me. Imagine buying fishing equipment for
a living. It’s almost enough to make me think about leaving sunny
Florida. Almost!

BTW: April 29th will be FishHoo!’s first anniversary. I think we should
make April National FishHoo! Month. Whadaya think? 

Thanks for being a friend of FishHoo!

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