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I also have a contact at a company that specializes in promotional type
products. Everything from pens to clothing to luggage. Very good quality
stuff and the prices are reasonable. Just let me know if you want their


Hey Robert.

Although I don't believe they make polo shirts like this, they do make
T-shirts with small logos on the breast and/or a decal on the back.  If
you want, I can get the name and contact info. for one of these ....


robertrice at juno_com wrote:
>  Just ordered 15 Heather colored  XL size Embroidered Polo Shirts. They
> have a Bass (sorry it was all I could get) as the fish and underneath em
> they say NFC on one Line and nativefish.org on line 2 all on the left
> side.
> Anyhow Some of you Poor volunteers will be getting my thank you in the
> way of a shirt.:)..
> If they catch on we couold use them as a fund raiser they cost about 17
> bucks...and should look sharp....