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Hey Robert.

Although I don't believe they make polo shirts like this, they do make
T-shirts with small logos on the breast and/or a decal on the back.  If
you want, I can get the name and contact info. for one of these ....


robertrice at juno_com wrote:
>  Just ordered 15 Heather colored  XL size Embroidered Polo Shirts. They
> have a Bass (sorry it was all I could get) as the fish and underneath em
> they say NFC on one Line and nativefish.org on line 2 all on the left
> side.
> Anyhow Some of you Poor volunteers will be getting my thank you in the
> way of a shirt.:)..
> If they catch on we couold use them as a fund raiser they cost about 17
> bucks...and should look sharp....

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