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RE: NFC: [Fwd: Not for oscar lovers.]

Frankly, "being sensitive" is nonsense!  No one is advocating eating this
poor lady's pet.  Does she ever eat fish at the local restaurant?  Does
that mean she's going to eat her pets next...oh please.  I'm tired of the
foolishness so many aquarists are prone to.  Shireen and I have crossed
swords before on the NANFA page and I found her sudden "concern" for
anothers feelings laughably hypocritcal to say the least.

I guess we should just let the little beggers be huh?  Let there exotics
eat every native fish they come across and destroy the ecosystem of North
America for the sake of the damned 'pets'.  After all, fish have
"feelings" and we don't want to hurt some pretty pets feelings by eating
some distantly related cousin in a marsh somewhere...not to mention saving
a few thousand other little fishies in the process.

Gads, I'm getting really, really sick of such dumb*sses!


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