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Re: NFC: [Fwd: Not for oscar lovers.]

Shireen is a Active NANFA member I am surprised of her harsh treatment of
our efforts....Maybe we should redo the slogan to Save a Native Hug  an

On Tue, 21 Mar 2000 08:08:37 -0600 Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com writes:
> Somebody posted the URL for the NFC webpage, with the recipes for 
> Oscars,
> on the rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc newsgroup. Well, this has caused 
> quite a
> stir over there. Imagine someone eating their precious little pets. 
> Anyway,
> if you haven't been reading the thread, I have copied my latest 
> reply to
> another message. I'm going to throw this out to you and see what you 
> all
> think about this. Is this a "holy" war that can't be won? Should we 
> ignore
> the ignorant and continue to work in private?  Personnally I'd like 
> to see
> more members of the NFC follow these newsgroups and pounce on this 
> type of
> topic. I'd also like to see them assist in answering questions 
> regarding
> native fishes. I have seen a few, but far less then I would have 
> expected.
> I know that the NFC's primary mission is not the keeping of natives 
> in
> Aquaria, but it's got to be a large part of it. Thoughts? Ideas? 
> Flames?
> Ty
> I think the real problem is the lack of sensitivty towards our 
> native
> fishes. It's time for "TRUE Aquarists" to
> take responsibility for their so called beloved pets and stop 
> releasing
> them in to the local pond, lake or stream
> when they get too big or have become an inconvenience. Those Oscars 
> would
> not be in Florida waters if some moron
> had not turned them loose. I have read almost all of the posts in 
> this
> thread and NO ONE said that you should eat
> your pets. Nor did anyone advocate buying pet fish for the purpose 
> of
> eating them. There is nothing wrong with
> eating an Oscar that was caught from the wild. It's a fish. Just 
> like a
> Tuna or a Salmon or any other fish people
> eat on a regular basis. If I were out fishing and I caught an Oscar 
> you can
> bet he's not going to be released. He
> may not be eaten either, but the needs of the native fish and the 
> habitat
> they live in is much more important then
> the needs of that single fish. If that is a problem for someone then 
> I
> suggest that they do something to prevent
> the fish from getting there in the first place, instead of whining 
> when
> others make the tough call and clean up
> the mess that has been created. Start a rescue for your favorite 
> species or
> talk to the LFS's in your area and try
> to make them more conscientious about their selling practices. For 
> example,
> almost all of the LFS's, within a 30
> mile radius from where I am, have Pacu's, Arrowana's, Red Tail 
> Catfish and
> several other breeds of fish that are
> COMPLETELY unacceptable as aquarium fish. All of these fish need 
> aquariums, well beyond the budget and
> capabilities of the average home aquarist. Talk to them! Ask them to 
> stop
> selling these fish. Remind people that
> turning fish loose is WRONG! Remember if you are not part of the 
> cure then
> your part of the problem. The NFC page
> may need a little "sensitivity padding" but at least they are part 
> of the
> cure. They are out there trying to solve
> the problem. Do you have any better ideas? What are you actually 
> doing to
> help? I haven't seen anything posted to
> this newsgroup that even remotely suggests anyone here is doing 
> anything to
> improve the conditions of our native
> fishes. This is a great hobby and one I enjoy tremendously, but it 
> is not
> just about keeping fish in a tank.
> Ty
> Shireen Gonzaga wrote:
> > In article <53fbdsoau628iqh13043c2d7ciuoturlh7 at 4ax_com>, Irate 
> Mormon
> <Archimedes at bogus_localink4.com> writes:
> > > QUOTH PAPPI69 at webtv_net (PATTI):
> >
> > > Yeah, they have personalities and all that.  They are great 
> pets.  And
> they can
> > > exterminate native US species.  That's why we say..."Save a 
> native-eat
> an
> > > oscar!"
> >
> > The real problem here seems to be the lack of sensitivity
> > that "oscar-eating" advocates have been displaying towards
> > oscar-keepers.
> >
> > Look, no one likes the fact that introduced exotics are wreaking
> > havoc on the ecosystem. If there are people out there who want
> > to do the environment a favor and remove exotics, and in some
> > cases make a meal of them, that's fine.
> >
> > But there is no need to flaunt it. And when trying to explain
> > what this "oscar-eating" is all about, it should be put in
> > proper context (as Archimedes did) and in a sensitive manner.
> > One of the posters, Patti, I believe, has pet oscars that she
> > clearly feels affection towards and finds the idea of eating
> > them repulsive. In a society where oscars are regarded as pets,
> > her reaction can be considered normal. It is *no different*
> > from finding the consumption of feral dogs and cats repulsive
> > (a practise, however, that is considered acceptable in some
> > countries).
> >
> > Right now, we need all fish-keepers to rally in support of
> > North American native fish conservation. The recipes on the
> > NFC page, sorely in need of a little sensitivity padding,
> > and the obnoxious-sounding "save a native-eat an oscar"
> > slogan only serves to alienate tropical fish enthusiasts from
> > native fish enthusiasts.
> >
> > - shireen
> > --
> > Shireen Gonzaga, Data Analyst, WFPC2 group, Space Telescope 
> Science
> Institute
> > 3700 San Martin Dr., Baltimore, MD 21218, USA.
> > office tel.#: 410-338-4412, e-mail: shireen at stsci_edu

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