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NFC: OnLine Auction...

Hello everyone... It's time for another NFC OnLine Auction !!
This Auction will start on March 21st,2000 at 8 a.m. CST and run until
Midnight March 31st,2000... All bids must be posted to NFC at actwin_com and to
me at dakota at startext_com  .... Please make checks/Money Orders payable to
the Native Fish Conservancy and send to me when you are notified that you
are a winner. I will post updates every few days so lets all get in there
and have fun and support the NFC !!!! LOOK !!!!  LOTS OF SALTWATER STUFF
Any question can be directed to me at  dakota at startext_com  Thank you all in

                                        ITEM #1
                  Atlas of Garden Ponds by H. Axelrod, A.Benoist
 This book is loaded with beautiful pictures and helpful information for
anyone wanting to build a pond or even just have as a book for the Coffee
It normally sells for around $45.00 and is a very nice deal for such a nice
                        Minimum Bid : $25.00
                                        ITEM #2
                 Autographed Copy of Peterson's Field Guide of
                                    Freshwater Fishes
                        Signed by Dr. Lawrence M. Page
                         Minimum Bid : $20.00
                                        ITEM #3
                      Red Sea Fish Pharm Reef Supplements
                        1- 16.9 fl.oz. bottle of Reef Supplement " Buff"
                               increases the Buffer Capacity of 200 gal.
                        5- 3.38 oz. bottles of Reef Supplement "Calcium +3"
                             each bottle treats 75 gal. aquarium for 20
                    This item and the next are priced 1/2 of regular prices
                            Minimum Bid : $12.00
                                        ITEM #4

                                    SAME AS ITEM # 3
                            Minimum Bid : $!2.00
                                        ITEM # 5
                        Boyd Enterprises Inc. Salt Water Additives
                         1 - 200 g. can  Reef Essentials Kalcium
                                       for Hard Corals
                         1 - 16 oz. bottle Reef Essentials Strontium
                                       for Hard Corals
                         1 - 16 oz. bottle Reef Essentails Iodide
                                       for Soft Corals
                         2 - 16 oz. containers Chemi-pure Filter Media
                            Minimum Bid : $15.00
                                        ITEM # 6
                         5  Corkscrew Vallisneria plants
                         2  Common Swords ( bleheri ) I believe
                         1  Very large clump of Java Moss
                            Minimum Bid : $10.00
SHIPPING FEES of $5.00 will be added to each order in addition to the
highest bid !!!