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NFC: Fish of Utah Book

I just wanted to tell everyone I picked up 5 copies of this book.

If you would like a copy, visit FishBookStore.com - $25.00  ($4.00 S/H) -
Retails for $39.95

Booknews Review
Following an introduction providing information on Utah's landforms and
water bodies, fisheries management, fishing in Utah, water law, and the
federal statutes that affect the management of water resources, the major
portion of the volume is devoted to a species-by-species account of all
fishes established in Utah waters. Information offered includes their life
histories, descriptions, and management, with details on feeding habits,
range, growth, breeding, longevity, and limiting factors such as predation,
competition, and habitat loss. Includes an illustrated key to all Utah
species as well as 48 color plates by highly-regarded scientific fish
illustrator, Joseph Tomelleri. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland,