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Re: NFC: Outer Banks, NC

sounds like a few blue fin killies in the mix..l.BTW spotted gambusia are
popular with livebearer fans....excellent trade bait :)

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000 18:41:05 -0500 "Christian Reynolds"
<piscator at dotnow_com> writes:
> Well I just got a job a t a KOA in the outer banks of NC. Just as I 
> got here they started construction on a 49 room lodge and began to 
> fill in two "ponds" well as the water has diminished I have 
> dipnetted some of the residents.  Seems there is a lot of spotted 
> Gambusia in this pond, both males and females are spotted. There is 
> also some type of killi I cannot identify. It is about an inch long 
> with  black dot about midway up the first ray of the dorsal fin, the 
> caudal fin is a reddish color, and it has a dark line running the 
> length of its body, (only slightly darker than its olive green body. 
> I also caught some scuds (they are everywhere) a few grass shrimp 
> and what looks like a baby Blue Crab about 1" in width with the 
> typical paddle feet and pointed carapace.
> How common are the spotted gambusia...these have spots over most of 
> heir body like pepper.
> -Christian

Robert Rice
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