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NFC: Outer Banks, NC

Well I just got a job a t a KOA in the outer banks of NC. Just as I got here they started construction on a 49 room lodge and began to fill in two "ponds" well as the water has diminished I have dipnetted some of the residents.  Seems there is a lot of spotted Gambusia in this pond, both males and females are spotted. There is also some type of killi I cannot identify. It is about an inch long with  black dot about midway up the first ray of the dorsal fin, the caudal fin is a reddish color, and it has a dark line running the length of its body, (only slightly darker than its olive green body. I also caught some scuds (they are everywhere) a few grass shrimp and what looks like a baby Blue Crab about 1" in width with the typical paddle feet and pointed carapace.
How common are the spotted gambusia...these have spots over most of heir body like pepper.
FN:Christian Dion Reynolds
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