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NFC: Fw: native fish

Robert Rice
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We recently had one of your members Bill Flynn speak at our aquarium club meeting.  "WE" are YATFS = Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society in  NE Ohio. 
Bill mentioned contacting you in order to find out more about a breeding program.  This would fit nicely in our own breeding for points program.   Please send us any information you might have as several of our members expressed interest.
Cheryl Miller.....casm at onecom_com
Secretary YATFS
Robin Jendrian, President = rjencichlidnut at prodigy_net
Bob Cappy, VP = REMCAPPY at aol_com
Eric Cappy, Junior Board Member = AIRCAP84 at aol_com
Mike & Robin Kays,
Board Members, Raffle Chairs & BAP chairs = fyns at worldnet_att.net

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