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NFC: Last named game fish in the new World

   I just recently included this in a post I made to my FF maillist,
thought it might be  of interest,   and apologize if its already been
mentioned...   I am way behind on my reading..  :^)

   have a nice day


    Heres a little tidbit i saw just this morning, in a Popular
Mechanics magazine, no less....  ( so I would want to verify this within
the scientific community, too)

*******  Last Bass gets name

 Biologists have finally agreed to give the shoal bass, found in
Florida, Georgia, and Alabama a proper scientific name...

   For decades they have believed it was a regional variation of the
spotted bass. Earlier this year, scientists from the University of
Florida and the U.S. Geological Survey Laboratory determined it to be a
distinct species.

 Micropterus cataractae, as it will be known, will now qualify for
conservation programs. and it will get a place in the history books
because researchers say it is likely to be the last game fish named in
North America. Most were classified in the 1700s and 1800s. *****

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