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Re: NFC: RE: Fw: Fish

An uninformed person wrote:

> How can you say you are doing somthing good for fish with this exotic
> fish collection thing, if you are actualy killing them! Sure, You sell
> the small ones , But you "Terminate" the large ones?!?!!? PLEASE tell me
> I misunderstood this!

After seeing the ecological damage the artificially introduced fish cause to
the native fishes, the urge is to terminate the "kind souls" who use the
local water to remove their responsibility for their pets.

Even worse are the morons in local govt. who think *Gambusia* eat mosquitos!
[They eat eggs and young of natives and algae, but almost never eat
mosquitos or their larvae, unless truly starved. Then they do little good.] 

Never dump aquarium plants or fish into open water!

The truly kind solution is to never release any organism into water it isn't
native to. Until our mandatory government schools teach that lesson, we
either continue to kill the "exotics" or let other species go extinct.

One serious problem for new volunteers to habitat maintenance is the
difficulty facing the need to euthanize the captured exotics. "I came to
*help* the fish, and not to kill!" is an all-too-frequent comment. It
depends on what you think is important, but I sympathize with those who
can't continue for such reasons.


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