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NFC: RE: Fw: fathead minnows

Easy to breed, and to take care of.  5 to 10 per 10 gallon tank.  use PVC 2
inch cut in half to breed.  Flake food, and many other feeds will do.

Males color up with black and white bars.  There's a bunch of info on them.
Water parameters are not that important.  If they fall within a relatively
large spread, they will do alright.  They breed at relatively low temps, but
75+ degrees will suffice.  Commercial breeders use a 2x4 which the FH lay
eggs under/on.  the eggs are extremely susceptible to fungus.


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I am a graduate student at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.  I am
about to start an observational behavior program on fathead minnows
(Pimephales promelas), but am unfamiliar with caring for this species.

Can you provide me with some tips on caring for fatheads?  I am
specifically interested in water temp., pH, density per tank, etc.  If
not, can you suggest somewhere where I might find this information?

Thank you-
Hanna Kolodziejski

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