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NFC: Fw: public display info

help please

Robert Rice
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From: "Kent Carpenter" <kcarpen1 at rochester_rr.com>
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Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 23:00:42 -0500
Subject: public display info
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The Hanson Nature Center in Henrietta,NY is a 68 acre site that holds
presentations for the school and general public. They have one aquarium
a few common chubs,but the caretaker is anxiuos to put up a tank with
Fundulus diaphanus diaphanus,ultimately stocking the pond with them. As a
killie nut I promised I would try to get them some. The best scenario is
raise them from eggs. I have the equipment and room to do so. Please
if you can help.  Kent Carpenter
11 Strawbridge Road
Henrietta, NY 14467