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Re: NFC: bullheads

Many darter species will eat the snails.  My orangethroat even like the
Malaysian variety.


On Sat, 4 Mar 2000 PGagne2000 at aol_com wrote:

>     Will bullhead catfish eat pond snails?
>     I ask this question because I weekly pull 10- 30 snails out of my planted 
> tanks.  A nearby pond is full of black or brown bullheads.  I like the idea 
> of not wasting the snails, and would also be able to get rid of my baby 
> platys in-house.  I just bought several extra tanks at an auction, and a 
> bullhead tank would not require a heater.  I do not want to use a puffer fish 
> as a snail eater, and only keep new world fishes.
>     Now that I think about it, bullheads must eat snails if they are first 
> crushed.  I could do this, but would just as soon not.
>     Thanks in advance for any comments.
>     Pierre Gagne
>     Kensington, MD