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NFC: RE: RE: Sunfish Hybrid Spawning Methods

I don't know how much the eggs can take, but two methods I know of are
upwelling (water brought up from the bottom) - like salmon eggs I believe,
or, light bubbles to keep them in circulation.  I use the bubble method, but
I inverted two liter bottles to do the job, cutting 16 oZ Tupperware stands
:)  I'm sorry, this is unclear.  I cut the bottom off the 2 liter bottles,
and put the cap on securely.  Then I cut the bottom of the Tupperware , so
both are inverted- the 2 liter sits on the inverted Tupperware.  Rigid air
tubing is used to go to the bottom of the 2 liter, and thus keeps the eggs
up with minimal bubbles.

The object of the bubbles is to keep them up without bashing them senseless.

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Would like to receive information on spawning sunfish hybrid eggs in a
graduated cylinder (1,000 ml).  Method used by Kansas Fish and Game
Biologist, but unable to get details.  Any information you could provide me
on techniques used in this or similar adaptations would be appreciated.
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