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NFC: Fw: Please Sign New Online Petition for Snake River Salmon Recovery!

From: Joseph Bogaard <sos at wildsalmon_org>
To: sos at wildsalmon_org
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 16:13:58 -0800
Subject: Please Sign New Online Petition for Snake River Salmon Recovery!
Message-ID: <l03130305b4e4b431e149@[]>

Dear Friend of Snake River Salmon,

You have a new opportunity to send a electronic message to the
Administration that we need salmon and those dams don't make sense!

OneDemocracy.com, a new website committed to fostering citizen
participation and political dialogue, has just officially "gone live."

OneDemocracy.com has selected the GROWING NATIONAL DAM REMOVAL MOVEMENT,
with the Columbia & Snake River Campaign as its signature example, as a
leading webstory in their "Environment" news section. As part of the
about the 4 Lower Snake River dams, OneDemocracy.com is also hosting an
on-line petition:


Click to this link to go directly to the "We Need Salmon and Those Dams
Don't Make Sense" Petition. Sign on to send a message to Vice President
Gore and the federal agency salmon managers, expressing your support for
the removal of the 4 Lower Snake River dams as the surest path to Snake
River salmon recovery.

As always, thanks for your support!

Joseph Bogaard
Electronic Organizer
Save Our Wild Salmon

Days remaining in the "Official SALMON & DAMS Public Comment" period: 29

(You have received this announcement because of your past support for
Northwest Pacific salmon recovery efforts and the Columbia & Snake Rivers
Campaign. If you would not like to receive periodic updates and alerts
the Campaign, please reply to sos at wildsalmon_org and print "unsubscribe"
the subject header. Thank you.)