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Re: NFC: New Computer Blues....


Ray Ravary, Jr.--rravary at provide_net.  What do you have to give away? Anything
new? Do you still need any more flagfish? Also I think I can get X.
captivus--the green goodeid but my source wants to trade for darters, pygmy and
dwarf sunfish. Drop me a line.


dakota wrote:

> Hello to all. I would like to get everyone's e-mail address that is in the
> Breeder's Program please... I had a hard drive crash and lost all
> contacts....
> Yuck !!!!   Please send me an e-mail so I can start up a new address book...
> And yes, I will back it up this time... <G)  Thanks in advance to all....
> Charles Anderton
> Ft.Worth,Texas
> P.S.
> You could let me know what is happening with your fishies, too....   :O)
> Tanks!!