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RE: NFC: Rainbow dace

Teenage Mutant Ninja Anchorworms killed all of mine.  But then again,
they'll kill just about everything.  My SRBD and some dollar sunnies were
the only fish to survive this plague.  Oh yeah, and a pair of slender

I've been anchorworm-free for a few months now.  Wondering if they're just
hiding and waiting for fresh prey, or if they're really finally gone.  With
TMNA you can never be too sure.

In any case, yeah, the Red Shiners are tough and tolerant and can be kept in
either heated or an unheated tank.  I found when they are kept in the mid to
upper 70's they display breeding color and courting behavior all the time.
The males are gorgeous.  The females, well, aren't.  (sorry)  I'm sure they
were laying eggs but with the madtoms and darters in there, none of them had
a chance.  I'd bet if they were kept by themselves in smaller tanks with a
layer of marbles on the bottom instead of gravel, one could have great
success breeding these fish.  The marbles act as a safety buffer where the
eggs can drop down but the adults cannot get to them.

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They will do fine  in a heated tank.  I collect them locally in stagnant
pools approaching 90 degrees.  YOu just can't hardly kill these guys.


On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Matthew Fisher wrote:

> Well, I suppose if I ever get another aquarium I'll get some.. They
> do well in my current tank. Perhaps whenever my other fish pass on, I can
> take the heater out.. heh.
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> > Ha! Rainbow Dace ... I remember some store round here selling
> > them. The real name for those fish is Red Shiners aka Notropsis
> > A very attractive fish and very hardy. Just keep it in an unheated tank
> > with clear area for swimming. It appreciates a bit of a water current.
> > will eat any kind of food (even bits of bread and cereal) and likes an
> > occasional green (boiled peas, lettuce, etc.). If you keep some flat
> > (like an outcrop in the gravel), a pair will spawn amd stick the eggs in
> > the rock crevices.
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> > Sajjad
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> >  On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Matthew Fisher wrote:
> >
> > > A couple lfs's have rainbow dace for sale, and I was wondering what
> > > requirements they have to be raised?
> > > thank you.
> > >
> > > Matt
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