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NFC: Interesting Environmental News

                THE ELECTRONIC TELEGRAPH, February 23, 2000

    A satellite study has shown how the spread of mega-cities around the 
world can create vast "heat islands" that boost smog, trigger
thunderstorms and reduce the productivity of the land. Urbanization and 
industrialization have resulted in the growth of city sprawl that can 
increase temperatures by up to 12F relative to surroundings. This is 
happening all over the world. In China's Pearl River delta the urban sprawl 
has grown by 319 percent between 1988 and 1996.

    Dr. Dale Quattrochi of NASA, told the American Association for the
Advancement of Science that a study of Atlanta, nicknamed "Hot-Lanta"
and subject to the phenomenal growth, losing 55 acres of trees every day for 
two decades. Now the city is so thick with asphalt and air
conditioners that it is a heat island that makes up radiant energy
during the day and holds on to it at night.

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