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Re: NFC: Off Topic: Turtle Tank

Try potted plants or plastic plants and ornaments. You could also use driftwood or
floating bark that some stores sell for reptiles. Any combination of the above would

J. L. Wiegert wrote:

> Hey All.
> This is offtopic, shame on me. :)
> Anyyyhow, I've had a tank with three turtles in it for some time, its a
> standard 55 gallon tank.  I'm moving in a few months, and, well, the
> bare 55 gallon tank with a few large bricks on one end just won't do.
> (It doesn't fit in with the decore! :P)  Any ideas out there on how to
> decorate the tank without taking a lot of the aquatic room away?
> Obviously, plants are out of the question, since they'd quickly be eaten
> by the snapper.  Gravel on the bottom will make big cleaning issues --
> any ideas on this?  Oh, and please send replies right to me.
> Josh
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