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Re: NFC: Fw: FishHoo! Needs Authors

This seems to be a _fishing_ website, and therefore unapprop--ok, I
won't unsubscribe you this time! :) Seriously, though, as this is a
fishing website, what do you think about the idea of creating one on our
pages for Aquarium articles? 

robertrice at juno_com wrote:
> If you are a budding author, just think you are, or can manage to put a
> few coherent sentences together, FishHoo! has made a place for you. The
> Team Fishing Stories section has just been completed and needs to be
> filled with entertaining material.
> In exchange for your contribution, you will be able to link your story(s)
> back to your web site and e-mail addresses.
> You can see what itís all about and sign up at
> http://www.fishhoo.com/team/stories/stories.htm. This feature is database
> driven so you will be uploading your story directly to the server. For
> that reason it is recommended that you edit your story in a word
> processor program and then paste it into the database form. No one will
> be around to clean up your typos and misspelled words.
> Please understand this is for legitimate fishing stories only. It is not
> a place for you to describe your web site, product or service. Hopefully
> if our viewers find your story interesting, they will click on the link
> that you have provided.
> You will be e-mailed a User ID, Password, and complete instructions for
> accessing the database. Please read everything very carefully.
> To protect the integrity of the web site, FishHoo! reserves the right to
> edit or delete any material submitted.
> Thank you for being a friend of FishHoo!
> Will
> Webmaster
> FishHoo! Search Index for Fishermen
> http://www.fishhoo.com/

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