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NFC: Fw: FishHoo! Needs Authors

If you are a budding author, just think you are, or can manage to put a
few coherent sentences together, FishHoo! has made a place for you. The
Team Fishing Stories section has just been completed and needs to be
filled with entertaining material.

In exchange for your contribution, you will be able to link your story(s)
back to your web site and e-mail addresses.

You can see what itís all about and sign up at
http://www.fishhoo.com/team/stories/stories.htm. This feature is database
driven so you will be uploading your story directly to the server. For
that reason it is recommended that you edit your story in a word
processor program and then paste it into the database form. No one will
be around to clean up your typos and misspelled words.

Please understand this is for legitimate fishing stories only. It is not
a place for you to describe your web site, product or service. Hopefully
if our viewers find your story interesting, they will click on the link
that you have provided.

You will be e-mailed a User ID, Password, and complete instructions for
accessing the database. Please read everything very carefully.

To protect the integrity of the web site, FishHoo! reserves the right to
edit or delete any material submitted.

Thank you for being a friend of FishHoo!

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