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NFC: web site search results

Just for giggles I did a search for "native fish" from http://google.com and
guess what, we're number 3 on the list.  NANFA got number 1 hit, and
http://www.teleport.com/~salmo/ got number two.  I'm surprised a smaller
regional organization beat us out.

The way to improve our rankings in Google is to get folks to link to

Other search engines may or may not rank web sites based on popularity
(according to how many other sites link to it).

I plan on getting some links up soon on my site to http://nativefish.org ...
if you have a web page, and have a links page or any page on fish, it's
really easy to add this link and it will have a great impact on how easily
outsiders find our web site when they are looking for stuff about native
fish on the internet.  I've included the HTML code below.  Just cut & paste.

----cut & paste below----
<P><A HREF="http://www.nativefish.org">Native Fish Conservancy (NFC)</A> is
a 501c nonprofit organization committed to the study, keeping, preservation,
and public education of native fish. </P>
---cut & paste above---

Note: I got the description of the NFC off our web site... is it just me or
does it sounds like we are involved in educating fish rather than educating
people *about* fish?