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NFC: Re: new to this need help

Welcome to the list and back to the hobby.  Where do you live? There maybe members near you that would sell their extra supplies to you.  I gotten halve of my tanks and very little filter from yard sales  and a bit more from the want advertisers type newspapers.  If there is a local Aquarium club near you, there is another source for supplies and other Fish Heads ~(:>)) contacts too.  Again welcome to the list.    JiM C. (Central FL and I have a lot of spare tanks and stuff too)
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Date: Thursday, February 17, 2000 11:54 PM
Subject: NFC: new to this need help

                                     Many years ago I did have tropical fish and even had a pair of zebra's mate and lay eggs. But one time I did put a native catfish in the tank and it was one of the more interesting fish in the tank. Recently I thought about buying a tank again but this time having all native fish. What I really need help with, is where can I get the best deal on aquariums and all the other equipment I'll need.
                                                                            Please help a newcomer to the hobby