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Re: NFC: RE: Re: Auction..

One of the things I've liked about the auctions is that, thus far, they're
mostly for members only.  Our org. has so few things which are for members
only....  I think that the auctions, being kept as, at least, for list members
only is relatively beneficial.  I personally wouldn't mind seeing it also
added to the web site, further attracting people to us to find the auction
stuff. . . . If they just have to pop onto Ebay or Aquabids, or such, they're
not likely to be too interested in who and what we are.  However, if they have
to go to our web site, or sub. to the lists, they might just get interested.

Paul Sachs wrote:

> If you want I'll load em up to www.nativefish.org as
> www.nativefish.org/auction.html then everyone can 'SEE' them.
> That is if you want to Charles :)
> Paul
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> Why not put them item on AquaBid.com (recently launched) so that everyone
> can see them!
> Regards
> Mark Barnett
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> > Just a quick note to be watching for the next OnLine Auction coming soon
> !!!
> > There will be many nice items up for bid...
> > My apologies to all as I have had computer problems of some sort or the
> > other for the past two weeks...
> > Charles Anderton
> > Auction Administrator
> >

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