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Re: NFC: Field Trip to K.U. (fwd)

Wouldnt that be the day to see carolina keets at backyard bird feeders in
Kansas again :)

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000 09:44:44 -0600 (CST) mcclurg luke e    
<mcclurgl at washburn_edu> writes:
> On Wed, 9 Feb 2000 robertrice at juno_com wrote:
> > WOW The Carolina Parakeet and Ivory Billed woodpecker ...VERY COOL
> > 
> > So whats the theory on the keets again ? Id always heard it was a 
> hunting
> > thing,
> > 
> > How about a carolina Parakeet Clone :)
> The theory is that as people brought over their Old World parrots 
> and pet
> birds that they also brought along viral and bacterial pathogens 
> that
> decimated the 'Keets' population.  According to the collections 
> curator
> yesterday, the hunting pressures on this bird were not nearly high 
> enough
> to have been the sole contributor to it's demise.  That's the 
> opposite of
> the Passenger Pigeon (of which KU has specimens too) in which 
> hunting put
> tremendous pressure on the population.
> Actually, from the way they were talking yesterday, maybe in a few 
> decades
> they will be able to extract DNA from these specimens.  Can a clone 
> be far
> behind?  Hmmmmmm........
> Luke

Robert Rice
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