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Re: NFC: Field Trip to K.U. (fwd)

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000 robertrice at juno_com wrote:

> WOW The Carolina Parakeet and Ivory Billed woodpecker ...VERY COOL
> So whats the theory on the keets again ? Id always heard it was a hunting
> thing,
> How about a carolina Parakeet Clone :)

The theory is that as people brought over their Old World parrots and pet
birds that they also brought along viral and bacterial pathogens that
decimated the 'Keets' population.  According to the collections curator
yesterday, the hunting pressures on this bird were not nearly high enough
to have been the sole contributor to it's demise.  That's the opposite of
the Passenger Pigeon (of which KU has specimens too) in which hunting put
tremendous pressure on the population.

Actually, from the way they were talking yesterday, maybe in a few decades
they will be able to extract DNA from these specimens.  Can a clone be far
behind?  Hmmmmmm........