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Re: NFC: RE: Live food for the Aquarium

Good info!! Does anyone know how to go about breeding Goldfish or Fatheads?


You can start with the fathead minnows, already mentioned (aka red roseys).

Most larger cichlids, like convicts produce copious amounts of high-quality
protein. Guppies just produce too few babies, too infrequently, to be in
competition at all. They also may be too delicate to grow in really
food-rich environments. IDK. [I suspect that's why most "feeder" guppies
so sick when received.]

One pair of angelfish, throwing out a spawn of 300-600 every 7 days, will
put any gang of guppies of equivalent body mass to shame, and they don't
even eat the live food they make (well, sometimes). The water volume they
require to do it is tiny compared to supporting hundreds of breeding
in optimum reproducing condition.

The champ of all, of course, is the common goldfish. It is hard to believe
the number of eggs they can produce! No heaters, and really efficient food
utilizers. There's good reason they are the most common fish sold as live
food in your lfs.