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Re: NFC: Re: Live food for the Aquarium

Ive for years used a light hung in a 5 gallon pail to collect moths and
stuf for my sunnies ...Also placing a florect shoplight out doors will
add tons o bugs to the fish diet....

On Mon, 7 Feb 2000 16:35:24 -0800 (PST) Anthony Andrew
<heavymetal99 at excite_com> writes:
> What about live insects? 5 minutes sweeping a regular aquarium net 
> through
> tall weeds will usually get me enough grasshoppers and moths to use 
> for a
> couple hours of productive bluegill/bass/crappie fishing. Whatever I 
> have
> left has occasionally fed the fish in my tanks. Would it be safe to 
> make
> insects a larger part of my fishes' diet? Large feeder fish are 
> getting a
> bit pricey lately.
> Tony Gustafson
> DeKalb, IL
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