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NFC: Re: Live food for the Aquarium

I get small feeder fish from the bait shop and a creek not far from me and I
also can get a mutation of fathead minnows known as Rosey Reds that I get
from the LFS for about  $1.00 a dozen... My Sunnies will eat just about
anything Ty.     <G>    HTH,
Charles Anderton
   Ft. Worth, Texas
"Learn all you can from other people's mistakes....
   You CAN"T live long enough to learn them all yourself.."
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Subject: NFC: Live food for the Aquarium

> I am keeping some natives in an aquarium. I currently have Bluegills and
> Perch along with a Catfish and I am looking to expand that as time and
> budget allow. I like to try and feed my fish a varied diet. I currently
> feed a mix of store-bought foods (Cichlid/Goldfish/Carnivore) along with,
> Worms (Nightcrawlers & Red Worms), Crickets, Frozen Krill, Minnows,
> Goldfish, Wax Worms and fish scraps from our food preparation (my wife
> complains that they eat better then we do!). The only draw back to all of
> this is that the food can get a little on the expensive side. Especially
> the stuff like Krill. I already have a tank set up to breed Guppies
> (because their sooo easy to breed) and was wondering if there are any
> suitable food stuffs, that I could  breed/raise myself. How easy is it to
> breed Goldfish or Minnows or even fresh water shrimp, like Ghost Shrimp?
> How about Frogs (for the tadpoles) or Crawfish? What kind of requirements
> do any of these need to breed and is it really worth it? If you are
> successfully breeding any of these, please pass along how you do it.
> Any assistance or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
> Ty