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NFC: Live food for the Aquarium

I am keeping some natives in an aquarium. I currently have Bluegills and
Perch along with a Catfish and I am looking to expand that as time and
budget allow. I like to try and feed my fish a varied diet. I currently
feed a mix of store-bought foods (Cichlid/Goldfish/Carnivore) along with,
Worms (Nightcrawlers & Red Worms), Crickets, Frozen Krill, Minnows,
Goldfish, Wax Worms and fish scraps from our food preparation (my wife
complains that they eat better then we do!). The only draw back to all of
this is that the food can get a little on the expensive side. Especially
the stuff like Krill. I already have a tank set up to breed Guppies
(because their sooo easy to breed) and was wondering if there are any other
suitable food stuffs, that I could  breed/raise myself. How easy is it to
breed Goldfish or Minnows or even fresh water shrimp, like Ghost Shrimp?
How about Frogs (for the tadpoles) or Crawfish? What kind of requirements
do any of these need to breed and is it really worth it? If you are
successfully breeding any of these, please pass along how you do it.

Any assistance or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!