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Re: NFC: Fish News

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thank you for the sense of this list you have. i found mr. andrew's 
and mr. capelle's responses disappointing. i'm 54, and i've never 
appreciated the use of the term "chick" in a disparaging way as 
anything other than sexist behavior, that is, disrespectful of 
women. how we speak influences how we think, and how we 

while i do not share the feeling A&C maintain about the 
worthlessness of PETA and its adherents, even if i did, i would 
think one could separate out disdain for a cause from disdain for 

using "chick" among friends in an ironic or joking manner is of 
course acceptable (so long as no one is insulted by such usage), 
but posting it for all the world to see while trying to support a cause 
(in this case, protecting native fish) does little but lessen my 
respect for the individuals involved, or my reliance on their postings.

of course anyone can say anything they want. i would 
strongly support that freedom as an American. but insulting 
language insults. and if adherents of a cause want their cause to 
be respected, they ought to demonstrate respect, even in their 
opposition to others.

as i am looking for information on protecting cutthroat trout in the 
mountains of colorado where a golf course is threatening a small 
stream in our watershed, i will stay on this listserv a bit, and see if i 
can learn something. but if there is a pattern of insulting attitudes 
expressed, i can and will look elsewhere for this information.

art goodtimes

> On Sun, 6 Feb 2000 goodtimes at independence_net wrote:
> > 
> > perhaps in some circles such disparagement would be appropriate, 
> > but in a public listserv like this, i continue to find it inappropriate,
> > at best.
> > 
> > can others on this listserv let me know if this is SOP for this list?
> > 
> > lack of respect for opponents seems an unfortunate public face to 
> > offer on the web.
> Unfortunately, you will find a lot of the above on some list, but not,
> generally on this one.
> Luke