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Re: NFC: The Word of the Ultimate God -- Your List Admin

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mr. wiegert

as i've responded to others on this list. words have power. chick, 
when used towards a female in a derogatory fashion, is intended to 
insult and demean. demeaning language helps shape the way we 
look at and treat others

if you were insulted by the woman of PETA who engendered the 
epithet "chick", it might make some sense. but to simply demean 
someone who disagrees with your world view seems less than 
mature, at best.

and i have no desire to spend my time with people, whatever cause 
we may share, who are not mature enough to understand the 
importance of language, and its uses.

art goodtimes

> Re: The Word "Chick."
> Its a word.
> Its not an overly nice one, and could be taken as derogatory, but its not
> a bad word.  Its not a swear, its not a cuss. Don't get worked up over it
> -- its just a word, it was meant as insulting or anything like that.  
> As to the discussion about it:
> Drop it. 
> Its not worth it.
> Josh, Evil List Despot.
> end
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