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Re: NFC: Black Crappie

If your in MN. Id as soon as possible stock the breeding pond with
Fatheads they will breed and they and their young will provide suitable
forage for the crappie fry. Id start collecting them for tranfer at 1
inch otherwise they will begin to prey on the newly hatched crappie......

A better question might be why does the main pond no longer support black
crappie ?

On Fri, 28 Jan 2000 15:52:11 -0600 "Hamlin, Bill" <wjhamlin at hydro_mb.ca>
> Hi Robert,
> I am open to any ideas but my budget small. I was thinking of a 
> pond, tank
> or floating cage (or any combination).
> The lake I grew up on used to be full of crappie but it now has very 
> few.
> In my part of the lake, we have not seen one for years.
> I would like produce and grow out some fry using stock taken from 
> that lake
> for return to the same lake. Should I take the this project on (just 
> for the
> fun it), the MNR will likely give me a two year licence.
> I thought may I could stock a small fishless pond with adults before 
> the
> water gets up to 60 F, and pull the adults out after breeding. Then 
> I could
> feed the fry until they were big enough to (what is big enough?) to 
> transfer
> to the lake (100 ft).  
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance.

Robert Rice
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