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RE: NFC: Black Crappie

Hi Robert,

I am open to any ideas but my budget small. I was thinking of a pond, tank
or floating cage (or any combination).

The lake I grew up on used to be full of crappie but it now has very few.
In my part of the lake, we have not seen one for years.

I would like produce and grow out some fry using stock taken from that lake
for return to the same lake. Should I take the this project on (just for the
fun it), the MNR will likely give me a two year licence.
I thought may I could stock a small fishless pond with adults before the
water gets up to 60 F, and pull the adults out after breeding. Then I could
feed the fry until they were big enough to (what is big enough?) to transfer
to the lake (100 ft).  

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.