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NFC: RE: Death of the Patriarch

You have my deepest sympathies, Robert.

Greg Horine
ghorine at midwest_net

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Subject: NFC: Death of the Patriarch

Many of you have  recieved melanistic fundulus Chrysotus from me via eggs
and fish that produce an orange  finned black spotted male. A beutifull
strain. Sadly today the grandpa of all melanistic chrysotus killies leapt
out of his tank while in an amorous mood and expired . He was a healthy 5
inches long. I collected  him 2 years ago and will miss him.

He sits atop my tank drying in the sun as I consider pickling him for

I have hopes that one of his sons in my outdoor ponds will take up the
difficult task of spawning with 6 or so willing females.

Robert Rice
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