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NFC: Fw: Re: add

I've recently joined the membership of the NFC and believe it is a great
club. I will have to become active in the breeders group when we can ship
fish in the spring. Until then I thought I might inform members that
of the North American Fish Breeders Guild.
The NAFBG was formed as a group of hobbyist that is interested in keeping
fish in the hobby, that may not be commercially available, by exchanging
stock that they have bred or acquired by trading with other hobbyist. We
will sell fish but our goal is toward trading. Now is a perfect time to
us during our current membership drive. Normally our dues are $20 a year,
but anyone who lists with us will receive a credit of $5. Further a
will receive a credit of $5 for each new member ( up to 3) they bring
the guild. This in turn means a free membership for you. We don't even
there but will give any new prospect a 3 month trial and collect dues
after that trial. If you think you might like to join or find out more
us then please contact our membership director  D.L. Sponenberg at R.R.
Box 67-L, Orangeville, Penn. 17859 or at nafbg-mem at rocketmail_com.
Hoping to trade with you I remain,  George Libby

Let me know if this is too long or you have any changes you would like