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Re: NFC: Information request

Hi Luke,

You might try the California Academy of Sciences. Their archives may be full
of such stuff, for they were very active in this area from the days of David
Starr Jordan through Meyers at Stanford. UC Berserkeley was also quite big
in native ichthyology in those years. There was a time when ichthyology
(mostly under the Agassiz types) actually considered your topic to be
significant research. Sadly, no more. It is left to the amateurs, now, as
population counts and statistics to justify next year's budget for
threatened species is about all the pros want to do. DNA study lets the
splitters further divide them to create even *more* new budgets. :-(

In recent years, the CAS academic side, particularly, seems to have tended
to buckle under an overload of MBA types and political hacks, but you may
still find what you want in the archives, starting at their web site at
http://www.calacademy.org/ . It's a neat place, IMHO.
Also, look back around the middle of the 19th century, particularly, when
Louis Agassiz was active. He forced his students, like Jordan, to observe
such details closely.

Good luck, 


mcclurg luke e wrote:
> Hello all,
>  I am making a request for help here.  I have to give a biology seminar
> this semester, and lucky me got picked to deliver the second one of the
> season.  That means I have approximately five weeks to find research
> material and present a 40 minute seminar on the subject.
>  My subject is on the overall topic of Cognition in animals.  More
> specifically, I will be doing one on perception and color and how it
> affects certain behaviors such as mate choice, schooling or
> territoriality.
>  Now, the problem.  I have found a few papers on non-North American
> fishes (mostly marine) but I would like to find something on native
> freshwater fishes.  Does anyone know of any such research?  I have a few
> leads, but my time crunch is massive.  Any suggestions on where to look
> would be appreciated.
> Luke

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