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NFC: Eco terroorist may have struck here in Indiana

Channel 8 news this evening reports a person(s) claiming to be a member of 
ELF burned down a house under construction near Lake Monroe outside of 
Bloomington, Indiana last Saturday.  The reason given was it was a threat to 
the Lake Monroe watershed.  Taped information was sent to several media 
representatives.  ELF was spray painted on a sign near the home.  
Investigators are sure it was arson.  

Channel 8 further reported that ELF has claimed several events like this in 
the US and phone calls to their published phone number have been unanswered.  
ELF claims to be against acts of violence but refers to this as an act of 
economic sabotage.

Below are links to the areas main newspaper's on-line version and the related 
articles.  Bloomington is the home of Indiana University.  I lived there for 
four years in the 70's.  It is on the northern boundary of Hoosier National 
Forest and has thousands of acres of natural areas nearby.  

to">HoosierTimes: County officials, homeowner outraged by apparent arson</A> 

to">HoosierTimes: Radical environmental group claims responsibility for blaze<

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA