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Re: NFC: Orangethroat Question?????

       Thanks to all who cleared up the confusion  over squamosum for
me. I truly appreciate your input              Joe
PS...An article on my stream set-up for these guys can be viewed at the
following URL

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It's a valid sub-species with slight morphological differences from
E. specitble.  They are found in the Spring river and Elk river drainages
of Kansas/MIssouri and maybe elsewhere.


On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Joseph Eisenhart wrote:

>        In the rhealm of Etheostoma spectabile, I've encountered
> reference to a sub species named "squamosum". Is this a location
> moniker, color variety, or true sub species????  My confusion lies in
> the supposition that this word is Native American, rather than Latin.
> Joe---State College, PA

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