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NFC: Channel Catfish to good home

I have decided to find a good home for these catfish instead of freeing them
sense they have a better chance of survival probally in someone nice big
tank or good big outdoor pond.

Does anybody in indiana want 2 channel catfish. They are both about 6 inches
long. One is a albino that I got when he was young from the pet store and
the other is wild caught. I would like to see them go to a place were they
will either be put in a nice size outdoor pond or a large indoor tank. They
have had ich twice but they got well each time. The albino right now is
scratching one of his gills on the bottom so I dont know what is wrong with
him. I was kind of thinking gill flukes. And no I am not lazy enough to take
care of them cause of the illness I just have a 29 gallon with other fish
that they have out grown.Hey Chuck...you want them? Come on I know u do ;-).