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NFC: Re: Fw: NANFA-- worm attachements

Hey Norm -- Don't worry too much about it, lots of these viruses are able
to spread themselves rather easily, such as nabbing your addy book and
forwarding themselves on to everyone in them. 
As a general rule of thumb: NEVER accept an attachment without a message.
NEVER accept an attachment that doesn't seem like it was from the person
who sent it (Such as "Hi., thought you'd enjoy this" as the message.....
The person would probably put more in it, and you'd know if it was really
from them or not...)
NEVER EVER EVER EVER open an attachment with an executable in it: These
are where you'll pick up any virus you're going to get.  If its a gif,
txt, doc, jpeg, or other such, its probably fine (though some docs can now
contain macro viruses.).  

To make things self, invest in a good copy of any virus program, keep the
disks somewhere, and scan regularly.  For the overly paranoid -- such as
myself -- put multiple copies of it on your computer.... Mine is on
different partitions, only the one on the C: under the "normal" directory
name.  (A few viruses will attach antivirus software immediately.)

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