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Hi Mr. Jack,
Scott, Averil's dad here.
Glad you liked the fish. I was wondering if you might be interested in doing
an all Native American tank for next year? An organization I belong to, (The
Native Fish Conservancy), will be willing to assist with your project and
provide you with specimens of any species of non-endangered fish you are
interested in through our Adopt A Tank Program. We are also available with
species and biotope specific information through a network of Aquarists and
   A Maine Tank would fun and could even tie in with a plethora of other
Science subjects. The role of microbes in a healthy ecosystem,
interdependencies of flora and fauna, Social structures in lower vertebrates,
as well as engendering an appreciation for the diversity of nature right at
our door steps.
   The AATP is fairly new of yet and we are looking for a way to contact
science teachers that may be interested in participating in the project.
Are there any teacher's trade journals or the like you might be able to
recommend for this purpose?
   If you need "day care" for the fish over the summer, Averil and I can help
there as well.

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