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NFC: Indiana big fish kill - 2 stories online

 <A HREF="http://www.starnews.com/news/citystate/2000/jan/0113st_state.html">S
tarNews.com : Polluters are put on notice</A>
Part of annual Governor's State of the State address.

  <A HREF="http://www.starnews.com/news/citystate/2000/jan/0113st_fish.html">S
tarNews.com : State sweeps Guide plant for evidence in fish kill</A> 

State environmental inspectors used a court ordered Warrant
Clarification:  In my last post on this subject, I mentioned that the 2nd 
public meeting had been canceled at the last minute.  I was in error.  It was 
the third meeting that had been canceled, not the one that night.  The stated 
reason was so that a larger facility could be located.  Based on the turn out 
for the first meeting, that sounds about right.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA